Come Come celebrate with us

December 1, 2012 at

the Quarter Note

1214 Apollo Way  Sunnyvale, CA 94086
(408) 732-2110

9:00 to 1:00 or later?

Popa is going to be singing and playing harp, Mr. AK47 Michael Robles from Earty Cry is on guitar and Donnie Baldwin from the Greatful Dead, Jefferson Starship and Cold Blood is going to be playing drums.  Dave Mendoza from Earth Cry on bass with Steve Salinas from Cold Blood on keyboards.

Special Guest

Ms. Lydia Pense. 

We cancelled the gig at the Silver Dollar due to a scheduling conflict with Karaoke.

Coming soon "Big Mountain Blues" a new CD by Popa Dave Montano and his hired gun$.  This is going to be all original music.

Popa's Blues


the godFather of Rockin' Blues

Popa Dave Montano & his hired gun$

Mike Robles on Guitar

Richard Gonzales on Drums

Popa Dave on Bass, Vocals and Harmonica


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er 3rd, 2011

Blues Bytes

Occasionally you find a band founded by someone other the lead singer or guitarist. In the case of the San Francisco-based Box of Blues (now called Popa Dave Montano and his Hired Guns), bass player extraordinare Popa Dave Montano fills those difficult shoes very well, handling songwriting credits, thundering bass attacks and vocal stylings on his latest release, What's up with That? (independent). Montano and his three piece (including guitar and sax) take us through a nice collection of blues-based numbers that swagger along with shuffles and sultry rhythms, truly reminiscent of the best bar band on any given Saturday night at the countless watering holes throughout this great land of ours. The band's personnel has changed since this recording, but we're still delighted to hear wonderful sounds emitting from Montano's bass along with the father/son team of Jeff Neiman (guitar) and Daniel Neiman (sax). Highlights include the upbeat shuffle "Sexy Lookin' Lady" and the rolling rocker "Turn your Lights Down Low" (the only tune not written by Montano; here the credit goes to Elmore James). The sax solo rips on this one. Also try the slow cooker "I Tried to Love a Drinking Woman." Even though there's only eight cuts here, the main feel of this band gets through in a powerful way. To learn more about Montano and how to get a copy of this disk visit Coen

---Bruce Coen


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Vedio of Mike Robles playing Black Magic Woman

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